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CMEA Central Section General Music Representative

Emily Mason

Greetings from the CMEA Central Section Board!  I am happy to welcome all general music educators to this website dedicated specifically to general music.  This site has been up for a little over a year and I would love to get your feedback on how it is working for you.  I would also love for you to share ideas and materials that you are using in your classrooms.

In response to the current COVID-19 health crisis and the ongoing struggles of inequality in our communities and educational system, I am in the process of gathering information, ideas, and materials that may be helpful for you to use in your own teaching.  Please see the Workshops tab for upcoming Professional Development opportunities.  These are particularly helpful at this time of uncertainty.

Although I have been in the Central Valley a short time, I have had a chance to see and speak to many educators.  One of the concerns I have heard many times is that the General Music programs need to be improved.  We are in an extraordinary position as Music Educators to not only foster a love of music, but to create an environment of inclusion, acceptance, understanding, and empathy in our classrooms.  Elementary General Music Teachers impact the lives of the youngest in our society.  Their musical knowledge starts with us and it is imperative that we rise to challenge of making the world a better place by carefully examining our curriculum, the music we choose, the cultures we choose to include, the historical background we choose to speak on, and the reasons that music is used in societies. 

The State Music Representatives have rewritten our Standards in Music which have been rolled out to all districts.  This is the time to reexamine our current district curriculums and bring them into the 21st Century.  With the passage of federal education bill, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA, 2015), music must be a part of a ‘well-rounded education’ for every child.  Both legislative acts give California Music Educators a new opportunity to clearly define what we want students to learn and be able to do throughout their music education.  This is also an opportunity for all educators to better understand our students needs, teach in a culturally responsive manner, and to positively impact how they will contribute to society.  

It is my privilege to serve as your representative and it is my sincere hope that I can not only be of assistance in providing information for your teaching and advocacy, but listen to your concerns and suggestions as we embrace our vital role as educators.  We all know that music has the power to bring people together and to heal.  It is our duty to awaken the inner musician in all students and plant the seed for lifelong participation in music.  If we can do this, we can impact change and bring positivity and light into the world through music.

“Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime.  Let us take our children seriously! Everything else follows from this...only the best is good enough for a child.”-Zoltan Kodály

Warmest Regards,

Emily Mason


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