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Building Literacy

Body Sol-fa

Curwen Handsigns

Human Piano (Sol-fa Ladder)

Hand Staff

Staff Mats


Sample Plan for 2nd Grade

Preparation of Re in MRD/DRM patterns

♪ Sing song and play games for

       ♪ Bow Wow Wow 

       ♪ Great Big House

       ♪ Shake Them ‘Simmons Down 

       ♪ Mi Chacra

♪ Sing songs while playing mrd on instruments

♪ Body Solfa while singing

♪ Identify high, middle, low sounds of text in a mrd pattern

♪ Pictures of melodic contour on board, charts, or worksheet

♪ Questions about the concept & checking for 80% understanding is extremely important at this stage.

(Mason, E. (2012).  Idea bank : Using Kodály to promote music literacy skills. Music Educators Journal, 99, 28-31.) 

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